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Jimmy Sion is an audiovisual singer/songwriter/entertainer/performer/artist/reality show star from Greece who combines pop and electronic music with English lyrics. He is characterized by his deep bass voice, his chameleon vocals and and his psychedelic rave artistic personality.

He singing and performing live from the age of 7 and he started recording professionally at age of 14. At 15, he begun singing in clubs, festivals, concerts, events and music shows, supporting popular headliners or doing his own shows. Despite his young age, when doing his own shows, he produced, designed, directed and choreographed them himself. He also working as a voice-over artist and dubber for tv shows like Disney and Netflix, tv commercials for Hasbro, Tiger Electronics, Tiger Toys, AS Toys, Music Festivals commercials and more.

In 2010 he took part on "Greek Idol" the Greek version of the widely popular international TV singing contest Pop Idol - American idol on Alpha TV. The same year Jimmy Sion released his first song , “Dance Tonight" which he performed it at the Mediterranean Festival in Budva,Montenegro (Pjesma Mediterana) and he appeared live in various countries of Europe from 2010 until 2014 doing his first tour called the "Dance Tonight Tour". He also did live shows in Psychedelic Trance parties combining various styles of psytrance music with vocals.
In 2014 he released the single and music video "Blinded" supported by MTV and he continued the Psychedelic live shows until 2015.

In 2016 Jimmy Sion released "My Dimension" (EP album) with the singles and music videos "Busy Tone", "Drop Junkie" and "Blinded" including an EDM version of the song "Dance Tonight". (Dance Tonight "DimenSion Version")

From 2016 until 2018 Sion did the "Dimension Tour", in Las Vegas, New York, Greece, England, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Serbia and Portugal.

In August 2019 he released the single and music video "Psychedelic Love"

In February 2021 he took part in "House Of Fame: La Academia" the biggest reality TV music show in Greece on SKAI TV, in which after 4 months of enclosure with cameras recording 24/7 and 19 candidates where each of them left every Friday on the live shows with the vote of TV audience, he stayed until the final and he became a household name having the best reviews as an artist but also as a personality!
After the end of the show he had a feedback from "Example" who posted a video on his Instagram account from the performance of Jimmy Sion on finals of "House of Fame" performing "Changed the way you kiss me".
The same the british pop group "East 17" because of Sion 's performance of their biggest hit "It's alright" , "Chris Willis" too where Jimmy Sion performed one of his biggest wordwide hits with "David guetta" "Love don't let me go" .Chris Willis also met Jimmy Sion in Athens, Greece and they sang it together on Jimmy Sion's instagram and TikTok. He also had a feedback from the "Backstreet boys" on social media bacause of hos performamf of "Everybody" too on finals of "House of Fame"!

After that he was a candidate to represent Greece in the Eurovision song contest 2022

2022 Jimmy Sion's "ExploSion" full album with 12 songs was released with two new music videos “Super Mega Bow“ + “Boom your Bombs”. Τhese two songs were the Eurovision candidates.

In July of 2022 he started his new live show the "ΕxploSion tour".
A big show performing live the songs from his album "ExploSion" and some well-known songs that he had perform on "House of Fame".
He started from England, Germany, Spain, France and he continued in Greece for 7 months in one of the best show clubs of Athens.

2023 He was a candidate to represent Greece in the Eurovision song contest again.
Ηe also played himself in some episodes of the Greek TV series
"Η δική μας οικογενέια" (Our Family) on OPEN TV.

He released a ballad song including a music video with the tittle "Black & White Glow".

After that he presents his new song "FLY" for the first time on live tv international in "Ohrid Festival''. That was the Eurovision candidade song for 2023.
and the song started to became viral on TIKTOK.

Jimmy Sion keeps singing, write songs, doing live shows with passion, energy, creativity and big dreams, in which anything can happen!

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