Jimmy Sion is an independent singer,songwriter,performer,choreographer,dancer,director,designer and stage outfit stylist. Singing and performing live from a very young age. From 7 years old he successfully took part in music shows singing. Growing up he experimented with different musical styles more pop and electronic creating his own sounds. He started recording professionally at 14 and then, at 15, he begun singing in clubs, festivals, concerts and shows supporting popular headliners or doing his own shows.
Despite his young age, when doing his own shows, he produced, designed and directed the shows himself as well as sang and danced live with his dance crews.
2010 he perform on "Pop Idol" show the widely popular international TV singing contest, he became a TV audience household name and he signed his first contract with Sony music.After that he performed his first official song "Dance Tonight" at the Medditerranean European Festival and booked appearances in European countries .

From 2010 until 2014 Sion tours the "Dance Tonight Tour" show, in Europe doing mixes of his songs and more combine electronic, pop music and big shows
2014 Jimmy Sion release the single and music video "BLINDED" supporting by MTV and Nickelodeon!
2015 Touring "Blinded" doing EDP pop concerts

2016 Jimmy Sion releases "MY DIMENSION" (EP album) with the singles and music videos "BUSY TONE" , "DROP JUNKIE" "BLINDED" and "DANCE TONIGHT"

From 2016 until today 2018 Jimmy Sion doing the "DimenSion Tour" a show with a mix of his songs and many surprises,in Las Vegas, New York and many European countries.
He also worked as a voice-over and dubber for Hasbro,Tiger Electronic,Tiger Toys,AS and more toys TV commercials.Until today he gives his voice for Disney movies and TV series.

Sion just finish his new album with 11 songs and he is ready to release it!

Jimmy Sion keeps singing ,writing songs and doing live shows with passion, energy, creativity and big dreams in which anything can happen!

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